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Cut the Crap! We are just a bunch of NERDS, transforming the world of (e)commerce with our truly unique Unified Commerce Platform (EVA), a creation of an ultra-modern, highly adaptive and Technology Agnostic eco-system.

Our purpose is to help Global operation brands and retailers to become adaptive to change.

About us

EVA is the engine that powers digital retail solutions, a secured cloud -based platform that is set up to improve consumer experience. We facilitate the use of a fully flexible infrastructure, enable digital transformation and help our users to deliver true unified experience and functionality to their customers faster and smarter. We work for several companies such as Rituals, Intersport, Ajax, GrandVision and Scotch & Soda.

At New Black we do things a little bit different. We believe that work is about more than getting paid for your effort. It’s such a big part of your life that we ask from you that it’s important to keep in mind that your life isn’t over when you are working. Since we believe that being your own boss can help you feel more comfortable, we decided to implement Holacracy in our company. Holacracy offers an alternative way to structure an organization.

Available roles

Lead Developer

You and your team will help retailers to become adaptive to change!

As Lead developer you are responsible for the improvement of our amazing Unified Commerce Platform called EVA. Together, we make retailers adaptive to change! Before you panic, please read the entire text below. This will help you understand why you need to apply for this job.

Welcome to equal land

WHAT equal land? YES, equal land. We believe that every person in our company is equal. Of course, there are differences in skills but in the end we all have our own qualities. So, we all call ourselves Boss (not for real) but in general we are all bosses from our own work. We don't have to report to a manager or something else. We believe that this crap is a waste of time, so we decided to cut the crap. We talk with each other and we align with each other, but we don't report in one direction. This helps us to be faster and more adaptive to change.

Sounds like a lot of responsibility, right? That’s correct!

We are looking for the best most passionate and talented people who like to keep growing and being challenged to become the best of the best. As a Back-end developer at New Black you will make a real difference for all the retailers out there. You and your team will help retailers to become adaptive to change!

As an EVA Core Developer, you:

  • Work on all aspects of coding and shaping our platform. From design, development of prototypes and fully functional pieces of EVA to maintaining, testing and reviewing your peers code to ensure EVA keeps her promise of being a high quality and performant platform
  • Analyze functional requirements and foster continuous improvement using newest technology
  • Develop automated tests to ensure quality, performance and scalability of code
  • Create and implement interfaces between EVA and 3rd parties
  • Triage, solve, signal problems and communicate to and with Product Owners
  • Document and maintain according to industry documentation standards, and to ensure our EVA platform is up-to-date and available for internal and 3rd parties’ use
  • Spent a part of our (and your) time to keep up with what’s happening in our world and how we can improve or learn from it

We are specifically looking for a nerd that already has the following skills:

  • Wizard skills in C# (running on .net core 5.0)
  • Experienced with the usage of SQL, Elasticsearch, Redis and message queues
  • At least a few years of experience with building complex business applications in preferably modern cloud-based hosting environment
  • Familiar with (at least the concepts of) containers (docker), hosting them (Kubernetes) and monitoring them (Datadog, Prometheus)
  • Experience in Scrum/Agile software development methodologies
  • Eager to experiment, learn and like to be always one step ahead
  • Driven to accomplish, get things done and take obstacles as exciting challenges
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving, ability to deconstruct problems and communicate them with and to others
  • Inventive, creative and passionate for newest technologies
  • Eager to work with large scale international partners and flexibility to travel internationally
  • Fluent speaking and writing in English

Where will we take you?

NEW BLACK is more than a software company, we are a next generation platform company transforming the world of (e)commerce, a company full of passionate people (aka Nerds) who love what we do and how we do it.

NEW BLACK is very ambitious, we are profitable and fully bootstrapped (no investors, no debts) and this is incredibly important in providing us the freedom to keep on shaping our company the way we together see fit.

NEW BLACK fully owns its intellectual property, far from the norm in our industry or at most other Unified Commerce Platform companies. This allows us to make our own decisions about our products, provides us with the freedom to create the best product with the latest technologies.

NEW BLACK has entered in selective strategic partnerships with best-in-class global brands like Apple, Adyen, Deloitte, Scandit and a few others, to create an ecosystem for global expansion and sustainable success. We are changing the future of retail all over the world, and we invite you to be part of it.

So please don’t apply because we provide all our employees with a nice Tesla, don’t apply because we pay well, don’t apply because you can fully determine your own hours, working location and off time, don’t apply because you can fully be your own boss, don’t apply because you can use the New Black boat during the summer, don’t apply because we have a chef preparing your lunch every day. Only apply if you want to join us to become a rebel with a cause to change the future of retail!

How to apply

Send your motivation and resume to Bo Gromotka at