Unified Commerce is the new reality in retail

Today, customers don’t think in terms of online and offline, separate shops, or country borders. They just shop at a brand, and expect the same ultimate experience, everywhere they go.

To make this work, all transactional, stock and customer data must be transparent across the whole customer journey – with secure fiscal compliance. This requires a new level of connectivity across all systems and partners of a brand, working together seamlessly.

Five partners,
a joint mission

To support retailers in this new age of customer-centricity, we have joined forces to create the Global Unified Commerce Ecosystem. We’re a network of like-minded partners working together to make Unified Commerce a reality for customer-focused retailers.

Together, we provide the expertise and technology needed to build and grow Unified Commerce systems. We’re already supporting multi-national retailers with innovative solutions that make brands stand out from the crowd. Our approach is progressive and cost-effective, and retailers can benefit from day one


Adyen offers one integrated payment platform across all channels and countries, supporting all locally preferred payment method. Adyen technology is fully embedded in New Black’s Unified Commerce Platform.


Deloitte helps retailers and brands to deploy global solutions to manage localized fiscal and legal regulations in a compliant way.


With Microsoft Azure we can build and deploy our application consistently, seamlessly manage data, enable Anywhere Access with single sign-on, and deliver integrated security and management across on-premises and the cloud.

New Black

New Black’s Unified Commerce platform includes a flexible and integrated (Mobile) POS and Order Management system, that enable the retailers to connect their channels and speed up innovation.


Scandit’s scanning technology enables employees using New Black’s Companion App to quickly scan incoming stock, complete cycle counts and locate products.

Bringing Unified Commerce to global brands and retailers

How do brands &
retailers benefit

Holistic domain expertise

Moving to Unified Commerce is by definition a multi-disciplinary challenge in which multi-domain expertise is crucial. Each Ecosystem partner brings specialist knowledge and best practice experience, from design to build to deployment and live service.

Consistent, global coverage

Brands need to scale and standardizetheir Unified Commerce systems, whether that’s nationally or globally. Ecosystem partners have global operations that can keep pace with international growth ambitions and provide consistent solutions along with multi-lingual support.

Fast to market

The Ecosystem helps retailers short-circuit vendor and systems selection. But more than this, each partner is accustomed to delivering fast, and showing tangible business benefit from the start of a project.

Dynamic inovation

Innovation is in the DNA of all the Ecosystem partners – it’s how we each developed our domain expertise. We constantly evolve our products and services to embrace the dynamic market environment in which retailers operate, including new legislation, payment methods and technology.


“Unified Commerce is a challenging puzzle. To fix it, you need people who can play five-star sudokus”

Unified Commerce is often seen as ‘the next step’ in modern retail. But what is it really about? And what does it take to make it happen?