New Black
"We do not need magic to transform our world.
We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.
J.K. Rowling
we created the best
but only for the best of the best, in the cloud
we are the proud creators ofEva
we live in a landscape where

most mid and large
retail enterprises want to..

transform or expand to OMNI channel retailing
improve operational excellence to maintain competitive advantage
shift to customer focus instead of operational focus

but are limited to..

their own mindsets and traditions
old fashion business models
entrenched (IT)infrastructure

that’s were we come in

up(it's a trap)

most leaders have
lack of guts

and vision to force a break through in order to create value for their employees and customers!

they worry more about their jobs, position and stakeholders opinions, then the change needed to create a sustainable future

we’re the rebel, creating the future

most suppliers and
advisors deliver what
the customer wants

while they should deliver what the customer needs.

they aren’t able to force the enterprise to give them the power to implement and get struck in politics, ego’s and hierarchy. feeling comfortable to use knowledge and technology of the past to create the same as we had in the past instead of having focus on the NEW. because for them it’s black and blurry.

we are new black. we understand the new. for us it’s sharp and bright.

we created the best
but only for the best of the best, in the cloud


based on a vision

a world with visionary leaders who empower the full potential of people by the intelligence of technology


driven by our mission

contribute to the optimism and guts to achieve progression and sustainable business models for leading companies or those who want to become in the lead again


powered by one goal

become market leader within business change development

we proudly present


the first platform that puts the customer first

Check it out back soon